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Obama scared away free-market millionaires and now Democrats are wearing diapers unable to match Koch brothers

…$1 billion on November’s elections right in the sack and now Democrats followers are wearing diapers unable to stop gastrointestinal upsettiness. They can’t match Koch brothers. They fear that the end for the 2012 Obama’s era is near and he will be replaced by the GOP insatiable voracious mouth of the Super PACs and outside … Continue reading

Russian’s politic is no friend of U.S.

Russian’s politic is no friend of U.S., why is Obama nodding and winking an aye to Medvedev? By Krauthammer: Obama Admitted To That Second Term Will Be Hard Left KRAUTHAMMER: I think that the key word here in that exchange was Obama saying to the Russians, ‘this is my last election.’ It’s not just that … Continue reading

Oligarcas-ricos del Súper PAC comprará a Mitt Romney su nominación y quizás le dé las llaves de la Casa Blanca

“Dinero, para obtener poder, poder para proteger el dinero” -slogan de la familia Medici. En otras palabras, “al ojo del amo engorda el caballo” –dicho popular.   Bueno, lo de la Casa Blanca está por verse, porque hacer predicciones a lo Dumbledore sobre quién ganará la presidencia es asunto de brujos con escobas. Lo cierto … Continue reading