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Estado de la Unión: Llueven Ataques Ad Hominem del frente Demócrata/liberal Contra Marco Rubio

(…demócratas dicen que Rubio nunca será presidente mientras siga calzándose los zapatos del GOP y el Te Party…. Leer más aquí) “Desde nuestra fundación, hemos confiado en la libertad económica. Y por eso, éste [EE.UU] es uno de los pocos lugares en el mundo donde estos sueños aún tienen la oportunidad de realizarse”. -Unión del … Continue reading

A Nation of Hispanic Immigrants The GOP Wants Badly for 2016….

Leading Republicans, as senator, Marco Rubio, are out on the move with the Hispanic immigration reform issues, hoping that something good might arise in their behalf looking the grim Republican political future of 2016 presidential election (read more). Although, Mr. Obama is the one who have the real cajoles and upper hand against the GOP … Continue reading

The GOP/Conservatives, Needs Less Traditional “Principals and Values” and a Lot More Spanish 101 to Win the 2016 elections…

As long as the GOP/Conservatives fire up “the nations children” with demeaning commentaries  such as the quote below, the GOP/Conservatives will always be the ideological tyrant elitist party -and will have no chance of winning the White House back. In fact, I don’t think they will have it in 2016; unless, Marco Rubio runs for … Continue reading

Mr. Obama, Please, The Time Has Come to Turn the Page…

“How many days have you woken up feeling that something really special was happening in America?  Many of you thought the way on Election Day four years ago.  Hope and change had a powerful appeal.  But tonight I would ask a simple question: if you felt that excitement when you voted for Barack Obama, shouldn’t … Continue reading

The Republican Super-PAC will buy a nominee and the keys for the White House

Poll tells you something about political candidates and about the president but the rugged economy has the final word.  Once the primary is over, the entire Republican machine, including unlimited untraceable Super PAC money from the .01%, American oligarchy will be swinging their anti Obama messages over our national airwaves 24/7. People who have been … Continue reading