Cold War

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The Four-Horsemen of The Clash of Civilizations is Unleashed in the Middle East

(…the American flags are on fire today all over the Middle East, and it is not about money, or political ideology, it is Culture -with the big “C”….!) Right now, my friends, the world is irrupting on fire against the U.S.A. from the British embassy in Tunisia to Bangladesh and all over the Islamic Middle … Continue reading

“I think you Americans need your own (Obama) Perestroika.”

(Mikhail Gorbachev Endorsing Barack Obama at Von Steuben high school, Chicago) The phantom of the Cold War fallows Mr. Gorbachev, and that’s his times in history, but apparently Gorbachev regresses back in time the politics of our present administration with Mr. Obama as the top chief executive who’s leading the country to a no dissimilar … Continue reading