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Surveillance Automated Drones: a Pathway to a Friendly-Fascist-Dystopian Police-State While Delivering FedEx-Mail

A Two Part Hypertext Essay About the Rise of the Drones in America

Dystopian Quotes:

“A really efficient totalitarian state would be one in which the all-powerful executive of political bosses and their army of managers control a population of slaves who do not have to be coerced, because they love their servitude.”  -Aldus Huxley – Brave New World

“In our age there is no such thing as ‘keeping out of politics.’ All issues are political issues, and politics itself is a mass of lies, evasions, folly, hatred and schizophrenia. The very concept of objective truth is fading out of the world. Lies will pass into history.” -George Orwell- 1984

The Vitruvius Man: the Perfect Sublime Human-Copycat-Machine in da Vince Proportions

The Vitruvius Man: the Perfect Sublime Human-Copycat-Machine in da Vince Proportions

(Part I)

Conveying Fiction vs. Reality & The Teleology of Drones

Flying autonomous machines equipped with destructive bombs, laser missiles and surveillance are no longer science fiction in today’s world. There will be about 10,000 small and large sized drones flying over people’s houses in less than five years on U.S’s soil, according to the FAA. (here)

Think of drones peeping at its target from a thousand feet in the sky, stealthily, quietly like an eagle stalking its pray for more than twenty hours, while down below, the target is sipping coffee on Starbucks’s sunny patio unaware of being photographed.

This drone civil transgression, all of a sudden, for leftist/liberals and right/conservatives wingers is an undemocratic issue for a nation that praises individuality, liberty, privacy and political consensus protected by the Bill of Rights. Of course, today this is not the case, aerial drones is an everyday reality for all of us now flying in our own national territory and we better get used to the feeling of being permanently panoptized by its glossy eyes, drones are here to stay whether for good or bad. (here, video)

Thereby, the court’s “due processes” won’t help the village commoners anymore and the fourth amendment of the civil rights becomes just graffiti on paper and it no longer matters as we move further into an era of surveillance of aerial drones. It is just a matter of time for America’s drones flying Middle East skies to move back to their homeland to roost. Now, drones are the Pentagon’s responsibility once owned by the CIA’ invincible hands. Drones in the Pentagon’ ownership can be used as they deem necessary into the heartland of America in the name of Home Land Security, in fact, they are already in used. (read more here and here)

The next generations of peeping-psychopath are the autonomous-drones that are being built in massive numbers as the human population increases in the U.S. Law and order demands more operative’s cops and more surveillance eyes on the streets to keep derange bad guys and lost souls from killing bystanders and shooting at each other.

Although,  drones are not only used for surveillance or killing purposes, as done in foreign land, but here in the U.S. the low cost of the unmanned aerial vehicles makes the drone-quest easy to follow (UVA), as the corpo-Honeywell put it succinctly: “[the] UVAs become simpler and less expensive to operate and maintain, they will be more and more suitable for mainstream commercial applications. One day soon, delivery companies such as UPS or FedEx could employ unmanned robotic flyers to deliver priority mail.” (read more here and here)

As we learn, the 21th century of a new millennium drone’s future is right here at home, in fact, drones have always been here since Bill Clinton put the first one over Kosovo skies for surveillance purposes. Then under G. W. Bush and now Barack Obama who continues leading drones to fight terrorist.

Drones in the U.S., whether to drop mail or to spy on violent-non-states-actors are a jewel to surveilled underground blood-suckers: international terrorists, corrupted politicians, organized crimes, wife-cheaters, drug-cartel criminals, gangs and the like will be subjected to living-hell by the all-seeing eyeball powerful night-vision infrared cameras of drones. A glossy beautiful pics of 640/480 pixels footage resolution images will be shot to assess and re-assess a person without consent and awareness by federal or commercial-private drones. Then the images will be send back to the agency (or spouses) profiling the target for subpoena, arrest and public disclosure to be shown morbidly in the evening news. (read here and here)

Of course, this idea of surveillance over civilians is an old theme. The Michael Foucault’ 24 hour camera civil watch of Panopticon, originally designed by the British social theorist, Jeremy Bentham is a relic matter when compared to the forthcoming semi-dystopian-police-state that America is urged to experience.

There is a tremendous pressure in the U.S. and the Department of Defense and the Department of Homeland Security in view of increasing shooting and violence to fly drones in the U.S,’s skies. Therefore, American citizens are under pressure to give up another piece of their civil liberties in exchange for more personal security.

This new civil federal law and the use of surveillance drones is not a new phase of today’s society; it’s always been here, gravitating in our premonitional dystopian sci-fi literature known as a “surveillance-police-state”. This very mimesis of surveillance drone culture of this era in the U.S. is now the Zeitgeist of our time. (read here and here)

Unfortunately, we are moving towards the Hobbesian path and the absolutism kingdom is approaching home a lot faster since America’s political demographic has shifted in favor of a more central government who is today more embedded into people’s lives than fifty years ago. This semi-Hobbes-dystopian of today’s society might seem asymmetric and even preposterous fictional for the general readers. But readers know that this issue is not farfetched or unrelated to us if we think about America’s perpetual war against terrorism; increasing pocket of poverty in our own country causing riots resentment, mass-world exodus immigration mostly coming to the U.S. and senseless psychopathic killings of children and bystanders undoubtedly  requires swiftly attention from the government.

Seemingly, logic and reason compels Nation-states like ours, a nation of war, to prepare in lieu of unfolding civil unrest and urban warfare, something done in the past and likely to happens again. Today’s political leviathan requires a central authority government to avert the evils of society discord, civil unrest and senseless murders hence allowing whoever is in power to meddle into every aspect of people’s affairs. (see nation of war)

The United States, by Hobbesian analogy, keeps shifting further into the sixty year old visionary reading of George Orwell, Nineteen Eighty-Four depicting a society of servants being watched 24 hours by the Big Brother. The Orwellian reading is a paramount story like no other as a mental-artifice predicating the current direction of the U.S. now being exemplified with the use of unmanned aerial drones as the independent, Mayor Bloomberg of NY succinctly put it: “better get used to it”. (read here)

With this new reality vs. fiction there are hundreds of premonitional writing and films toppling U.S.’s reality such as Brave New World, The Drowned World and lately, the Bourne Legacy  (2012) depicting big brother-watch it’s secrets agents. In the Bourne Legacy film, drones controlled by CIA’s operatives are utilized to kill their own “assassin” agents. Once the agents are deemed no longer suitable for service, they become dangerous prospects for the agency and national security being ubiquitously under surveillance and suddenly killed. Is the Bourne Legacy a warning predictor film for the future of the U.S? I think so.

Such films and narratives are subliminal artifices extracted from our historical epistemology archive that has collected human events and national experiences over time.  Many of these accumulated events are being recently emulated in epic-films such as Argo 2012; Lincoln (2012) and Zero Dark Thirty (2012) as well countless historical writing politicizing unfinished business. Without these ontological historical collections there wouldn’t be any sci-fi nor any genre or other literary artifices to sublime or transfer reality for that matter. Even “real science” without these Kairotic archives would be completely lost since we know that, after all, “science” is also a kind of myth.

Today, many liberal art colleges illustrate the ideological nuances from some of these historical collections. Some teachers depict them as a semi-dystopian societies focusing on contemporary political concerns about countries like North Korea, Cuba, China, Venezuela, Iran and other hot places in Central Africa as failed states.

These countries, in their calamitous state of affairs and their respective-mano-dura-strongman served us logistically for political purposes. It feeds the nation’s creeds of national identity invigorating the bases of democracy incrementing global power and dominance. The end result falls well onto the collective consciousness of Americans which in time such information is parsed apart by the Art-industry thus films are crafted, as writing, political-discourse and even PhDs theses all assembled upon this cultural archive of men’s production.

As we see, the purpose of sci-fi narratives, as an art-device, is to sublimate the timelessness of Kairotics nuances of past and present events-as the Romans and Greeks did once before. Today’s events, past myths, religions and politics are amalgamated with modern human desire as a wanted projection, best exemplified in some films such as: Start Trek, Start World, Minority Report, John Carter, Matrix, Dune, Avatar, Prometheus, Terminator, Judgment Day, etc.

Sci-fi’s genre is a lot more complex than just make money or enticing people’s attention that cannot be explained here in detail, but clearly, sci-fi has a twofold core connection to consider beyond its purely entertainment subtleties: 1) to raise national cultural consciousness as a prophecy and preparedness; and 2), sci-fi serve as predictor-device of unknown future events in relation to the role of evolving technology in today’s science in time and space where past, present, and future are fused into one. Part II exemplified more on these aspects. (read here and here)

Of course, the genres of science-fiction, like any other surreal art device uncover hidden worlds of possible utopian, dystopian alien universes crafted with apocalyptical images of ourselves -as some sort of narcissistic flash where we can mirror our fate into the future. (no wonder why we love so much sci-fi) Nonetheless, sci-fi’s imaginary symbolic devices stimulate the mind of its creator opening windows of unimaginable visual images that tells us a lot more than just words.

Sci-fi, then, under this premise is no less real than the “fictional-product” of the 15th century testimonial artifacts of the visionary Renaissance man: Leonardo da Vinci and his rare flying devices. The old long bearded man was considered insane-loco-at the time by many skeptical eyes that thought his work was way subliminally utopic, as today‘s science fiction, and yet, he was handsomely rewarded by his opulent clients that loved his futuristic vision.

Today, it is not da Vinci doing visionary prestidigitization of tomorrow’s flying machines, but the science of drones where companies are reaping the profit by reading well into the future of automated aerial drones. (read more here  and here)

PDF: Part II: “Totemic Drones Comes to Life as an Enhancement of Dreams-Fantasies (and bodies)”


“Morgan Freeman talks ‘Oblivion’ and defends use of military drones”

In the new film Oblivion: …“I don’t want those drones in the real world,” Cruise admits. “But sci-fi is dealing with humanity. It’s always dealing with future: man versus machine and identity; what do you believe, what don’t you believe. I think that kind of thing is told in a very unique way.”


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