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The GOP/Conservatives, Needs Less Traditional “Principals and Values” and a Lot More Spanish 101 to Win the 2016 elections…

As long as the GOP/Conservatives fire up “the nations children” with demeaning commentaries  such as the quote below, the GOP/Conservatives will always be the ideological tyrant elitist party -and will have no chance of winning the White House back. In fact, I don’t think they will have it in 2016; unless, Marco Rubio runs for the presidency. But, please fire Karl Rove, for the love of God, how idiotic you have to be to associate Mitt Romney with G. W Bush….

Here’s Rush’s quotes about why they lost 2012 elections:

“I went to bed last night thinking, ‘we’re outnumbered,'” he said. “I went to bed last night thinking we’d lost the country. I don’t know how else you look at this. The first wave of exit polls came in at five o’clock. I looked at it, and I said … ‘this is utter BS, and if it isn’t, then we’ve lost the country.’ -Rush Limbaugh.      -Yes, Mr. Limbaugh, you’re outnumbered

In a nation of children, Santa Claus wins.”Rush Limbaugh.      -Again, yes Sr., they are, but what the GOP/Conservatives have done for the majority the last five decades…?

And here’s my take:

Time to blame and who should be blame for the presidential lost…? The GOP/Conservatives ideological elitism has been pushing the wrong messages. It was so bad that not even 30 million of Republicans voted for Romney, despite all the money they put campaigning for the GOP tickets.

Main-stream media and informal media all agreed on one thing: it is appropriate to say the Republican Party is dominated by ideological elitism of “principals and values” of its conservative wing. This is in addition to the GOP’s extreme radical wing that lives inside the belly of the beast: the very Congress is unable to move away from its radical political rigidity.

As the ever changing America’s demographics and economic facts shifted in favor of a more “benign party”, as the conservatives, Rush Limbaugh likes to called it, “the St Claus party”, they won’t win the presidency. Yes, one can say openly, they are “Santa’s party” but they brought a gift of a second term to the majority.  The Democrats are the real winners, even if Obama has not solid optimal national approval for his first term results.

In the mean time, for more than five decades, the GOP/Conservatives has been stubbornly retrieving farther into their own ideological sublime corner of ethnocentric-America’s view while being careless and lying to the majority populace.

The truth is that for many Americans, the GOP/Conservative emblem, the so called “American values and principals,” is a luxury concept for the country’s rugged economic landscape. This emblem is more a semantic rhetoric and no longer plays well in the lives of the common denominators. Particularly today with Health care that takes a bigger chunk than general income taxes out of million’s paychecks. Wage stagnation is a bigger hazard to blue-collar workers than inflation.

Even more for the increasing declines of the Middle- class-income is another menace that won’t go away. Millions of parents feel more anxious about the cost of college than the national crime rate. Americans in general are more likely to be irritated about Washington’s beneficial relationship with big business-lobbyist than about the expansion of big government alone. The government for the common denominator (big chunk of Romney 47%) is the only way out to a hazardous economic situation.

The current GOP/Conservatives did not look, nor work with the increasing hybrid-race of all colors and creeds in the American population.  The GOP/Conservatives cannot earn the heart and minds by shoveling “principals and values” while the majority today are being deprived of their basics right to better themselves.

Since Obama entered the national politics, the GOP/Conservative saw him as a threat to their political “principals and values” and understood the implications.  Most conservative radio-talk show and TV began a process of every day public demeaning of the “free-takers”, “free-loaders”, of the people of St Claus, obviously, alienating and marginalizing themselves even more. The GOP/Conservatives has become the party of elitist and ideologically advert to compromised with the needs of the majority.

The fact is the changing racial demographics of the country is expected to impact the political-status of white majority by 2050, this was a key influence on Obama’s election results. The GOP/Conservatives old deco-theologian semantic language of “values and principals” don’t appeal anymore to the American Hispanics; the gay population, food-stamps-takers, unemployed educated young people, women who are pro-choice, new-immigrants, “freebie-lovers”  and Romney’s 47% “government free-riders”.  Scarcity and economic insecurity has become more obvious to people in general.

Way to go, my conservative friends… no wonder why they lost the ticket.  Frankly, Mitt Romney is a decent man and he could have been the right candidate and a great leader for the country but not with the GOP/Conservative elitism baking him up for all the wrong reasons.

As we witnessed this election, the GOP/Conservative cannot sell their traditional “American values and principals” that once was America’s foundation. These “values and principals” are not something edible, or touchable, or socially unifying concepts in times of economic decline, job insecurity and uncertainty.  The “principals and values” of the GOP conservative emblem sounds ideological and extreme for the majority of the American people, and it is time to redefine their political bases.


UPDATE on St Claus gifts:

Romney Blames Loss on Obama’s ‘Gifts’ to Minorities and Young Voters



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