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Post-Election 2012: Benghazi-Watergate Awaits…

“You know, posting something on Facebook is not in and of itself evidence, and I think it just underscores how fluid the reporting was at the time and continued some time to be,” Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton told reporters in Washington.

What did the President know and when did he know it? That famous question from Nixon’s Watergate resurfaced today as the news broke that President Obama and his administration knew 2 hours after the attack that led to the murder of Libyan Ambassador Christopher Stevens and 3 other Americans claimed by a known terrorist group of 24-5 Ansar al-Sharia Jihadists linked to al Qaeda. The other question is why the White House would do nothing to help stop the ambush while witnessing the attacks in real time and getting plenty of e-mail? (disclosed recently)

Today, a couple of weeks after the Benghazi event, and in the middle of a presidential election, Barack Obama, the President of the United States has a sinister Watergate blood on his hands to deal with whether reelected or as a civilian man. This unfortunate killing of four Americans under the watch of Obama’s administration is not even comparable to the Nixon scandal that cost him an impeachment and out of the White House. Jay Carney, Susan Rice, Hillary Clinton and many others of Obama’s administration, including the president appears to had lied to the nation and to the world arguing that the attacks was due to an idiotic Internet movie about Mohammed.

Obama, the Commander-in-Chief of the nation knows well how many cats are in the bag but presidential politics took priorities over the “expandable” bloody Americans killing.  Some say that Mr. Obama after two hours of the attacks that lasted seven hours while being briefing and sipping a hot cocoa decided to go to bed to be rested for the following day’s trip to engage with David Letterman in Las Vegas.

Then, days later, under these premises of Benghazi’s assault, it was thought of as something that can be deleted and put under the Oval’s rug to allow the election to move “forward”, smooth and invisible to most of the American people. The last golden-broche was claimed by the Secretary of States, Hillary Clinton taking the blame for the killings arguing that in fact it was an a terrorist attacks but there was nothing we could do. Here are some of the first lies told to the nation that now we know as an untrue:

  • The Administration said they had no feasible intelligence. (They had plenty, unmanned drones flying over the compound)
  • The Administration said they provided adequate protection. (They did not)
  • The Administration, in a rush, apologized to Islam in a video.  They stated that the attack was caused by the Internet video. (It wasn’t truth; it was all pre-planned on the Jihadist anniversary of 9-11)
  • The Administration says it was a spontaneous riot-mob outside the building. (There was neither a mob nor any spontaneity, only RPG and 24-5 group of armed Jihadist claiming the American executive’s lives)
  • The Administration has said that they had impaired al Qadea (it has not happened, they live in 32 countries and are well armed promoting more attacks on U.S. soil and its people)

This blows a hole in everything the President and the vice-president stand for when questioned by Paul Ryan Romney during the debate. In other words, they lied knowingly and willingly to the American people, to the families of the victims, for weeks while the transitional presidential election continues as if nothing happens.

Now we know of plenty of e-mails and information disclosed, including real time pictures of the horrifying killings taken by unmanned drones that were sent to the States Intelligence Services and dropped in the White House’s Situation room. This video is available out there in the hands of Obama’s administration but in somehow is not yet available to the Congress, presumable because is unclassified sensitive information of not clear evidence.

The President and his campaign have traveled the country since the Democratic National Convention, slinging colorful bandages of “Osama Bin Laden is dead and General Motors is alive.” The current administration wanted Americans to think that “Al Qaeda is on its heels.” But now we know that this is not true. One can see the evidence in the Middle East slogan during the riots desecrating the American flag that shout ““Obama, Obama… there is thousands Osama’s… “Obama, Obama… there is thousands Osama’s… 

The murder of the U.S. ambassador crumbles Obama’s narratives of the house of cards and this might be the next big pivot for Obama’s political contenders to paved their ways and further their political obstruction on Obama’s next four years (if reelected) making it impossible for him to govern the nation.

Here I’m including the possibility of Benghazi-Watergate impeachment that it might be on its way as soon as the election is done. Readers must think about the gridlock between both houses and will continue to worsen, Benghazi will not go away….. Think about Obama’s un-wiliness to work with republicans and vice-versa, and think about what this Benghazi-Watergate will do to the next four years of his presidency, albeit to the nation. Doubtless, Benghazi cover-up is a real mess…


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