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Roberto Unger says, Democrats and Republicans are no good in moving the U.S. “forward”, and says, “please, don’t reelected Barack Obama…”


Roberto Mangabeira Unger, a Harvard professor might help you to make your mind up before dropping your vote on Nov. 6, 2012. Mr. Unger is a notorious interdisciplinary Maaaaarrrrxist… theoretician.  Yes, my friends, a Marxist and as you know, our best educational institutions are crowding with them all over under the gaze of the First Amendment U.S. Constitution. I believe, we have them since T. Roosevelt’s presidency all the way up to now… Okay, okay, you might say… enough of the Marxist’s baloney, I don’t need to see this crap…, but hey, give it a chance, you might learn something today, perhaps, a lot more then the Democrat National Convention speeches… (Note: I’m not advocating Marxism here; I just want you to get my gist…).

Unger is a professor at Harvard Law School and he was Barack Obama’s teacher and mentor during his years as a law student at the same school. He instructed many world elites and Barack Obama drank a couple of courses from this man. Obama took “Jurisprudence” and “Reinventing Democracy” with Unger. Mainly, Unger’s ideas deal with interdisciplinary legal theories in economics, social-democratic redistribution of wealth and other “progressive” stuff that were mention in disguise last night at the DNC speeches.

The truly reason why I post the video here is because, curious enough, both, Obama and Unger had ideological sympathies once for each other. They were mutual friends and sipped a lot of coffee with biscuit while confabulating bizarros ideas about “remaking a new America”; “transforming America” as Barack Obama wants to forward for all Americans. Although, Obama never mention Unger ideas in Dreams from My Father, but his thinking tarnish every single page of it. The thing is that now appears that they are no longer friends anymore. Naturally the question here is: Why?

Mr. Unger recently threw Mr. Obama under the bus for not abiding by his ideology of “change and hope” and social transformation for most Americans.  Especially since Obama has had the opportunity to do so as president; instead, he thinks of Obama more as an appeaser than a sturdy revolutionary who gave up the fight too easily. In addition, Mr. Unger throws punches to both political parties-Democrats and Republicans- viewing them as incapacitate parties that avoid the real issues affecting the nation today and for the future. Unger’s ideas are interesting and resonate a lot with that of Obama’s as well as Clintonians ideas.

Unger cup-of-tea are quite radicals for the nature of those Americans who just love freedom of opportunities away from governmental statism and/or bizarre ideologies. Perhaps, Unger’s ideas are more in the lines of the sixties, the hippy era, but no less relevant to the grim direction that our nation is taking today under the lead of this strange visionary-man living in the White House. You be the judge.



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