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Economic Social Envy between “the haves and the have nots” is the trope of progressive leftist…


As Jonah Goldberg observed:, “It is an eternal trope of leftism to assign to its enemies problems that are generic to humanity itself.” In truth, this is known as a psychological projection onto others.

“Schoeck defines envy as “a drive which lies at the core of man’s life as a social being…[an] urge to compare oneself invidiously with others.” Another excellent summer book for you to read that will open ones’ Pandora box –that is if you’re really curious about what really compels the inner psychic of our politician to move in that way they do.  In addition, it shows why some of them embraced the status-quo as defenders, but others do with a great deal of resentment and defiance for pushing social “changes” as they see it fit. (click here)

This book is a must read if you get a kick out of social and current contingency politics of our nation.  ENVY: A Theory of Social Behavior, by Helmut Schoeck, translated from German by Michael Glermy and Betty Ross, Harcourt, Brace & World, Inc., New York, 1969.  Republished (1987)

Once you have read Schoeck’s book, one can see how the empirical theoretical application of psychology science could be further applied to popular-culture; politics religion and organized deviants.  It can mostly be applied to weigh and measure the “emotional essence of our collective-mass as nation” that might answer how or why the rest of the world sees us in the way they do.

Schoeck, in ENVY: A Theory of Social Behavior unmasks politicians who claim that they act for human rights and humanitarian and egalitarian reasons. Furthermore, Schoeck unveils people who’s true reason for progressive egalitarianism is purely envy, and the appeasement of envy between “the haves and have not’s”. For example, a wealthy or poor politician may set himself/herself up as a champion of the poor to deflect envy from him and onto others.

Much of the book concerns the problem of the “envious person”, and the harm he can do if his envy is not kept in check and logged onto the political power structure. Schoeck notes that envy of others is by its very nature always “an unassuageable, negative counterproductive feeling,” that does more harm than good.

Schoeck see envy into a full blown theory of our present the political culture: “he sees the drive to destroy the good as the secret sin of the modern state. He shows that slogans such as fairness and equality are often nothing other than the impulse to crush the advantages and merits of others.” (click here or see below**)

Schoeck tell us what one can do when political power at his/her disposal becomes a form of judge, legislator, or leader of a political party.  He also explores what can happen when by ulterior envy’s motivate political execution under the cover of “the right thing to do” or political ideology driving by envy.

Politics of Enviousness

One can see racism, sexism, classicism, but it is difficult to notice the visibility of enviousness. I believe that a reading like ENVY: A Theory of Social Behavior is truly irritating and provocative objector science-discourse against the historical leftist social-democrats and the current progressive-liberals. The book truly challenges the core of Marxian ideology by digging dip into were no other critical theories can reach the human essence.

We all know the leftist passion for social justice and fairness for all is simply a synthetic byproduct of Marxist egalitarianism brought to surface during European revolution of the XVIII hundred and persists defiantly until present days under different social movement’s guise. (click here)

Egalitarianism, as an Arcadian and ideal utopia, must rise from the fact that they need a social objector as an enemy poisonous-container to survive politically. Even up to this day, egalitarianism has managed to infiltrate all aspect of society.  Institutions became, from Schoeck point of view, the pathologically champion of envious man, the arbiter of “social justice” and equal fairness for humanity. (click here)

A little “envy check” in those of power goes a long way. But above all, the envy-political man is destructive to all viable cultures. Society has condemned the envious man as a danger to the community and to himself. Allowing envy to serve as society’s conscience is like making the devil the very chief of justice.  Schoeck exposes the moral ugliness of trying to achieve economic justice through tyrannical and envy-inspired redistribution of wealth. (click here)

Have a good reading!

**”Implicit and explicit efforts by the president and his inner circle to advance the argument that Mr. Romney is an out-of-touch and rapacious capitalist, in the Romney team’s view, will be seen by voters as a transparent and hypocritical attempt by a group of Democrats, millionaires themselves, to divert attention from Mr. Obama’s failure to preside over more job creation. ” (NYT, read more)



Helmut Schoeck

Helmut Schoeck was an Austrian-German sociologist and writer, best known for his work “Envy. A Theory of Social Behaviour”.


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