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“Estamos Unidos”, Obama said in TV ad

(…a metaphor to appeals the emotional populism to vote for him…)

The Latin-American-population of all walks of life, (including the undocumented) will not vote for Mr. Obama this time no matter what language he speaks to them. At least, not in the numbers they did it in 2008. There are way too many empty promises and very little effect or nothing at all benefiting concretely one of the largest populations of the U.S. The Spanish-language ads (fake ads I might say…)  are set to be air in Colorado, Nevada and Florida, include Latino comrades of the Obama’s “Forward” campaign talking directly about how the Latin-Americans will benefit with his Affordable Care Act, known as Obamacare –(assuming the Supreme Court doesn’t strike it down, in June). The ads end with the graffiti, “Estamos Unidos” (“United we’re”) which is another leftist slogan widely used in time of leftists revolution.

Romney campaign spokesman Albert Martinez released a statement criticizing Obama on immigration. “President Obama broke his promise to Hispanics on immigration reform, Americans still oppose his healthcare takeover, more Hispanics have been plunged into poverty as a result of his weak leadership on the economy, and his $800 billion stimulus failed to stem the jobs crisis in the Hispanic community. With a record like that, President Obama has no choice but to spend millions of dollars trying to spin his failed leadership and broken promises,” Martinez said.

The campaign for Mitt Romney, has tried to drive a line between Obama and Latino-American voters by underlining the promises of jobs that have disproportionately affected the Latino’s population who is affected with high unemployment and poverty rates, higher than the general population’s. More than 10 percent of Latinos are still unemployed and roughly 1 in 4 are beneath the federal poverty line (by the American standard). The Republican National Committee spokeswoman Alexandra Franceschi responds: “The Obama Campaign is once again out with a deceptive Spanish language ad, but how will they explain that the same program President Obama is arguing for now was not important enough for him to vote for as a Senator. From chronically high unemployment, to gas prices, to the cost of college, Hispanics are tired of the empty rhetoric and broken promises of the Obama Administration.”


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