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“I think you Americans need your own (Obama) Perestroika.”

(Mikhail Gorbachev Endorsing Barack Obama at Von Steuben high school, Chicago)

The phantom of the Cold War fallows Mr. Gorbachev, and that’s his times in history, but apparently Gorbachev regresses back in time the politics of our present administration with Mr. Obama as the top chief executive who’s leading the country to a no dissimilar pattern of the leftist former Russian president of Mr. Gorbachev. He could have not been more crystal on the issue when he brought out the wardrobe a Perestroika’s ghost in the form of a wishful thinking in a sympathetic gesture to Barack Obama:

“But nevertheless, I did say, ‘I think you Americans need your own Perestroika.’ And 12,000 people rose from their seats and gave me an ovation. And I think that the elections that followed brought a new spirit to America. Of course, there are many people who don’t like what President Obama is doing. But, my opinion of him is very [favorable]. I will support him. However, there are still vested interests who want another Cold War, another arms race, weapons trade, interventions. They will not succeed.”

Mr. Gorbachev’s statement of an American president Perestroika’s style reaffirmed the existence of anti-American collective sympathizers out there in the international arena (and at home). In addition to Gorbachev’s comment, it is plausible to say that to be sympathetic to a political national figure it requires a symbiotic ideological component: you must like how the guy is thinking to support him. Rush Limbaugh put it right on target as usual by weeding out the political correctness of the stream liberal media:

“So you could say that America’s enemies all support Barack Obama. We know that the Iranians want Obama reelected, do we not? We know that the Muslim Brotherhood wants Obama reelected, do we not? We know that Hezbollah, they want Obama reelected. We know that Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro want Obama reelected. Who are these guys?  They’re America’s enemies.”

Of course, any country endures their own foes as the geopolitical games unfold in the world. But it also sends the wrong message to the collectiveness of the nation when the likeness and sympathy for a president comes from the most revered enemies of the U.S. It is understandable when a nation’s president plays the political role that geopolitics demand from them -as previous president has done in the past-, but it is not quite clear when a president’s ideology takes political sympathy from those who wishes to see America on its knees. No wonder why, currently, Mr. Obama clashes ideologically against a powerful political containment wall from the nation representatives in Washington DC. The Congress (and sometime the Senate) has Mr. Obama in a real Cup D’état since 2008, despite his effort to appease the status quo by centralizing his politics, but to a no avail.



Read this interesting summary on: “Scoring Obama’s Foreign Policy”
“A Progressive Pragmatist Tries to Bend History”
By Martin Indyk, Kenneth Lieberthal Michael E. O’Hanlon

“When Obama was sworn into office in January 2009, he had already developed an activist vision of his foreign policy destiny. He would refurbish the United States’ image abroad, especially in the Muslim world; end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan; offer an outstretched hand to Iran; “reset” relations with Russia as a step toward ridding the world of nuclear weapons; elicit Chinese cooperation on regional and global issues; and make peace in the Middle East. By his own account, Obama sought nothing less than to bend history’s arc in the direction of justice and a more peaceful, stable world.”


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