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The Republican Super-PAC will buy a nominee and the keys for the White House

Poll tells you something about political candidates and about the president but the rugged economy has the final word.  Once the primary is over, the entire Republican machine, including unlimited untraceable Super PAC money from the .01%, American oligarchy will be swinging their anti Obama messages over our national airwaves 24/7. People who have been unsympathetic and less enthusiastic about any particular Republican candidate will be strike into a frenzy of excitement (even conservative democrats) and will vote anyone in the lead but-Obama. This time, Democrats won’t have a rational strategy to defuse what is coming to their way, money talks and democracy has always unpredictable outcomes. The Republican’s PAC this time will buy their nominee -as the Democrats did in 2008 with Obama.

Republican Party (United States)


“The Republican Party has a big problem. Huge!

Their likely nominee isn’t much liked by the base of the party. Yet even as he loses primaries in the most conservative parts of the country, he continues to stack up delegates. He is Mitt of the Indomitable Math. He’s like the Terminator cyborg in “Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines,” who informs the hero John Connor that “Judgment Day is inevitable.” Romney, the Republican establishment and even Team Obama believe his nomination is inevitable.” Read more here.



“The Obama campaign says the president is simply doing what is needed to counter the fund-raising juggernaut assembled by the Republican candidates and their armada of “super PACs.”


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