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Haven’t you figured him out yet?

The cove of the Christian Science Monitor for ...

The Christian Science Monitor dropped an interesting article on president Obama labeling him as having a “weak sense of his own principles…” After a rigid reading of the article, one can concluded and hypothesize anything about this president and struggle to truly pin point where Mr. Obama stands politically. And yet, philosophically, Obama is predictable and readable because of his idealism that flows well with his demeanor and political endeavor and the social reform he has pushed. Read the article here.  


What does President Obama really believe?

“A president with a weak sense of his own principles weakens our sense of our principles. We begin to lose our national identity, and our political system loses legitimacy. If we are a community that merely aggregates narrow, sectarian interests or simply maximizes “what works” in a pragmatic fashion, we aren’t much of a community at all, and requirements that we sacrifice for fellow citizens ring hollow. The more our laws derive from moral principles – ideally, ones that reflect broad consensus – the more legitimate their demands, as philosopher Ronald Dworkin argues. Obama’s presidency is still young. Its success depends on “Obamanism” meaning something clear, bold, and convincing for future generations. For a nation built on common principle, not common blood, requires its leaders to have a coherent political theory.”

Jacob Bronsther, a former Fulbright Scholar and graduate student in political theory at Oxford University, is a law student at New York University. He writes for ThePublicPhilosopher.com.


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